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We are building a better community.

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Log in right now with a simple social login method instead of the existing complex wallet access method.  

C2E Wallet is designed with a simple UIUX that anyone in the community can use.

C2E Wallet is simple and will not stop at providing rewards, but will provide new experiences and contents to users!

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C2E Wallet is a blockchain-based wallet that provides the ability to manage and use C2E tokens, rewards generated through community activities. This wallet also provides various additional functions when users participate in community activities.

C2E Wallet does not require separate installation or membership registration, and can be executed by clicking a single button on the web community or C2E website. In addition, users can easily use the wallet without a separate membership registration process by logging in with their existing social account.

C2E Wallet is implemented based on blockchain, and all transactions are encrypted and stored using a decentralized network. This provides a high level of security and stability to protect personal information and assets. In addition, the user's personal information and assets are securely stored within the wallet,
and only the wallet owner can access them.

Kernyangi is an abbreviation of a cat that does community, and as the main NFT of C2E, it will approach community users as a new pioneer!

Kernyangi has various utilities besides removing ads and earning additional rewards, and above all, it's cute!

Why don't you raise a kenyangi as a pet in the C2E ecosystem? Organize your own NFT through Kernyangi.

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​Chainwith is a blockchain
WEB 3.0 is making the world.

Chainwith introduces the WEB3 ecosystem based on the community. 
The C2E model showcased by Chainwith is. You can use the familiar community as it is,

Its activities are also unchanged. 

In addition, Chainwith is based on the rewards received by community users through the C2E model.
We build an ecosystem that can consume tokens within the community.
This means the true innovation of WEB3.0, in which users become the main agents of the platform economy through compensation.
The core values that Chainwith emphasizes are still an unchanging community, proper compensation and consumption,

Now, this is a healthy ecosystem to showcase.

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